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Born in a small town in Sardinia, I developed my love for acting since I was able to say my first words. When I was only twenty years old I started acting in Tuscany, where I met Luca Biagiotti, a director from Teatro Verdi di Pisa and founder of Prima del Teatro- European School for the actor. 

He introduced me to the world of acting, to Peter Brook, Shakespeare, Meisner and to an imaginary horse called Bessie, who I was forced to walk with and feed for weeks. 

After this encounter, I decided that it was time for me to leave and pursue my acting dream in London: and in fact it didn't take me long before I started working for the most prestigious fast-food venues.

Once I started speaking English, I joined the National Youth Theatre, attended several private classes and workshops in London, and eventually I was accepted into East 15 acting school. 

There, I had the chance to perform on the Globe stage, Le Crazy Coq and the Corbett Theatre.

After my graduation, I spent my time studying screen acting (a big thanks goes to David Penn, wonderful director), stand-up comedy and writing.

I am now being trained as a clown by Spymonkey and also at Ecole Philippe Gaulier, whilst devising my own clowning show. 




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